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Post 001 | Priority one: coffee
Post 002 | Gather intel
Post 003 | Report on ... everything
Clark | Breakfast in bed
Lorne & Clark |  Be Smallville's +1
Spike S. |  Hold down the open bar
Crowley & Clark |  Forge friendships that make Clark anxious
Post 004 |  Go on a real date with Smallville
Post 005 |  Research soul-stealing swords
Justinia & Damian | Rescue a princess kitty from the boy terror
Prime | Meet Clone #1
Kon & Clark | Get the world's biggest spoilers
Post 006 | Learn the truth / first flight / spend the night
Post 007 |  Work off excess emotions
Roy |  Interview with a hot shot
Clark | Doubles, stargazing, and broaching the trip
Post 008 | Honor the dead
Clark |  Play hide and seek
Post 009 | Leave for the Dead Zone
Post 010 | Houston, we have a problem
Clark | Discuss disappearances
Post 011 | Lucy, Jo  | Abducted 
Post 012 | Go Film Noir
Clark | Plan a party
Post 013 | Have alone time with Smallville
Clark, Lana, etc.| Celebrate turkey day DCU style
Post 014 | Catch kissing fever
Post 015 | Threaten fat lip
Clark | Christmas Day
Post 016 | Tis the season
Post 017 | Express suspicions re: gifts from Flora
Post 018 | Isis Rises
Post 019 | The Fury of the Gods
Post 020 | My Heart Will Go On
Post 021 | Claire, Jono | Call it a Ritual
Post 022 |  The Burning Prince
Canon Updated
Clark |  Aftermath
Post 023
| Apologies
Post 024 | Private fears
Clark | Impending V Day Doom
Post 025 | Propose to Superman
Post 026 | Announce engagement
Clark | Good job, honey
Clark | Check out the bleeding tree
Post 027 | Find Slenderman clue
Post 028 | Research exorcisms
Post 029 | Engagement party invitations
Post 030 | Update report and deliver a warning
Ino, Faye | Get trolled on April Fools
Post 031 | Plan Mineas Well trip
Post 032 | Interview Flora
Clark | Learn about Lara
Post 033 | Discuss mysterious source & rescheduling party
Clark |  Spontaneous motherhood
Clark | Discuss Riful
Post 034 | Be emo over a lot of things
Post 035 | Prep Lente's Point travelers
Group | Lente's Point expedition
Clark |  Good boy, Krypto
Yuki | Mirror talk
Ray | Revisit destroying Frostmourne
Batwoman | Celebrate Two Face's capture
Five | Baddie molting season
Meowth, Conan, Kitty |  Get caught snooping in Riful's room
Post 037 | Admit secret source's identity and publish info
"Newspaper Club" |  Make that deadline
Gunn |  The one week blues
Hush |  This is not the Bruce Wayne you are looking for
Post 038 |  Check everybody's status | Clark, Oliver, Lana
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Alright, Paradisa, so it's been almost two years since I published my initial report on this place, and I think that's about time for a clean-up.  Which means I need your help again. Brave souls who want to go journal diving can apply within - or people who've kept detailed notes already.

Those of you who are new around here don't have a copy of the old journal, and not everybody knows how to work CastleNet, so I figured I'd recopy and update everything in here. [ Plus, it's a nice avoidance mechanism to keep her mind off losing Ella again... ]

So without further ado...

Filtered away from First Gens, except for Reno Browne and Roy Harper. Also filtered away from those who would report this information back to the First Gens. )

This is by no means complete, but I'm trying to at least pick out the important information and organize it so that we might figure out some patterns.

Most importantly, I think we need to start making plans for exploration right now, before the Hostiles get back, and while the weather's still in our favor. Zexion suggested something called the Totem Coast, to the west.
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In an effort to make this plot run as smoothly as possible, and to allow everyone to get involved who wanted to, here's a brief outline of what I'm currently planning!  Please feel free to comment to this post at any juncture to ask questions / plot with other people or me, etc.

Post 01 | Isis Rises )

Post 02 | The Fury of the Gods )

Post 03 | My Heart Will Go On :| )

Post 04 | Call It A Ritual )

Post 05 | The Burning Prince )
Research Info on Isis )
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