May. 31st, 2012

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Alright, Paradisa, so it's been almost two years since I published my initial report on this place, and I think that's about time for a clean-up.  Which means I need your help again. Brave souls who want to go journal diving can apply within - or people who've kept detailed notes already.

Those of you who are new around here don't have a copy of the old journal, and not everybody knows how to work CastleNet, so I figured I'd recopy and update everything in here. [ Plus, it's a nice avoidance mechanism to keep her mind off losing Ella again... ]

So without further ado...

Filtered away from First Gens, except for Reno Browne and Roy Harper. Also filtered away from those who would report this information back to the First Gens. )

This is by no means complete, but I'm trying to at least pick out the important information and organize it so that we might figure out some patterns.

Most importantly, I think we need to start making plans for exploration right now, before the Hostiles get back, and while the weather's still in our favor. Zexion suggested something called the Totem Coast, to the west.


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