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Lois tries, in her own roundabout way, to get Clark to stop moping about Lana.

Clark > [livejournal.com profile] boy_scout 

Lois & Pepper argue over whether the news is helping or hindering the people.  When Lois learns she's Tony Stark's assistant, she does everything she can to try to secure an interview.  Pepper takes her card.

Pepper Potts > [livejournal.com profile] thankyoumrstark 

At a party with Oliver, Lois meets Bruce Wayne and teases him about his extreme sports hobbying, while asking him for advice for weekend dates for her and Ollie.

Bruce > [livejournal.com profile] checkmymobile 

I don't even know.  Lois tries to cheer up Clark who is having a hard time getting from one day to the next.  And they talk Star Wars and various other things.  Their conversations are the best.

Lois meets Justin Hammer at a bar, and offers to help improve his public image with an interview.

Justin Hammer > [livejournal.com profile] hammertech 

----- 6x10 "Hydro"-------

And another dead-end.  That's just great.

In which:

   + Lois explains who the Green Arrow is to Zebra-Claire, and gives her her opinion on Tony Stark.
   + Future!Peter asks what she was looking for.

Claire > [livejournal.com profile] autophoenix 
Future!Peter > [livejournal.com profile] a_grim_future 


Secret identities are so completely retarded.

In which:

   + Dolphin-Claire argues that sometimes they're necessary to protect the people you care about.  Lois admits that she'd have a hard time dumping Oliver even if his reason wasn't very good.
   + Lois argues with Lana that there aren't even five good reasons for someone to do this, and that she can protect herself.  Lana presses to know who this is about and Lois is evasive.
   + Dick argues that they're important and convinces Lois she needs to confront him about this.
   + When Lois finds out Sylar's been through a similar situation, she asks how he handled it.  They talk about how much it sucks to care so much, and discuss whether voodoo would help get rid of that.  Sylar makes Lois confront the fact that she's in love with Oliver.
   + Chloe provides ice cream and a shoulder to lean on.  Lois admits that she thinks Oliver is the Green Arrow.
   + Lois rages at Clark about all her angry feelings, and finally admits she thinks Oliver is Green Arrow, and asks for Clark's help.
   + Oliver wonders who she's talking about.  : /
   + Lois meets a telepath called Chamber who talks to her about mutant development.
   + Mello gives an example of a serial killer who can kill anyone who's name he knows.  Lois thinks this is a far-fetched example.

Claire > [livejournal.com profile] excheerleader 
Lana > [livejournal.com profile] horsewoman_lana
Dick  > [livejournal.com profile] shortpantsrobin
Sylar > [livejournal.com profile] intuitivelyapt 
Chloe > [livejournal.com profile] chloeas 
Oliver > [livejournal.com profile] dl_greenarrow 
Chamber > [livejournal.com profile] annoyed_anglo 
Mello > [livejournal.com profile] worldsrunnerup 

----- Post 6x10 "Hydro"-------

That definitely wasn't Oliver.

Um.  Oops?

In which:

  + Lois meets Brooke, who guesses pretty close to the mark on what happened.  Lois explains the situation and remarks that Green Arrow is Kevin Costner levels of attractive on the Robin Hood scale.
  + Clark is totally going to hold this one over her head.
  + Lana learns that Lois thought Oliver was the Green Arrow, and is glad to hear Lois has dropped it.

Brooke > [livejournal.com profile] ihadmittenson 


Lois and Clark banter about what the weirdness of Smallville and Lois' ~true fears~.

Lois digs for more info on the attack at Edgar's home.

Edgar > [livejournal.com profile] right_handman 

Lois and Dick discuss the news post-Waco.

-------6x11 "Justice"--------

Clark doesn't see the appeal in Monte Carlo, and Lois tries to convince him he's wrong.

-------Post 6x11 "Justice"--------

Lois runs into Tess Mercer, from a future timeline.  She demands to know how Tess knows her, and to call the two oil and water would be giving them a lot of credit.  They almost get in a fight.

Tess > [livejournal.com profile] have_no_mercy 

Lois talks to Clark about all the anti-mutant letters the Inquisitor is getting.  She tells him about how she's going to Tony Stark's press conference and he asks if she can come along.  She makes him agree to pose as her photographer.

[Log]  Press Conference.  (Lois, Clark, Tony Stark, Pepper, Kate)  Lois attends the Conference and puts the screws to Tony, who voices his feelings on the recent mutant revelations.  Clark comes along to observe.

Tony Stark > [livejournal.com profile] newagedavinci 

Lois tries to point out to Captain Hammer that he's being insulting but he... won't have any of that.

Hammer > [livejournal.com profile] lovingmetodeath 

Lois teaches Steve (Captain America) how to work a microwave, and talks to him about her army brat childhood.

Steve Rogers > [livejournal.com profile] war_wasin_color 


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