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COUNTED STARS: all the threads

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Post 010 | Arrested! | Logan, Spike, Chloe, Garrus, Catty
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Fandom: Smallville / Alice
Characters: Lois Lane ([livejournal.com profile] loisfuckinglane  ) and Hatter ([livejournal.com profile] hereinthisstyle  )
Genre: Action/Humor
Rating: PG
Timeline/Verse: [livejournal.com profile] counted_stars  
Prompt: Song 2 by Blur
Requested By: [livejournal.com profile] digthenym   ilu, bb ♥
Summary: Sometimes getting the scoop's easier with a little help from your friends.  Sometimes not.

(""You know, from now on when you say you're calling in a favor, I'm going to ask for a full description, typed out in detail beforehand,"")
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 Player Information:

Name or Handle: Arden
LJ: [livejournal.com profile] dancinpenguins 
Email: kiwi4ever13[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM or MSN name: thegreatmuldini
Any current characters here?:   Nope, but apping Dean Winchester & Jacen Solo also
Would you like a protocol droid?:  Nope.

Character Information:

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