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[ the following message comes in hasmed's distinctive gravelly voice many hours after the concert chaos breaks out, before Failboat arrives back at the castle. ]

As most of you are now aware, there has been an incident in Los Angeles, during a mission regarding Keijen Blade, which Wynn himself was a part of.  We have confirmed the deaths of several Knights - Sir Felicity Braddock, Sir Lydia Martin, Sir Alice Lincoln, Sir Abigail Hobbs, and Sir Alanna.  Myrilandel Odair is currently in some sort of catatonic condition.  Early reports from Sir Chessing indicate that a ritual was conducted that unleashed a god upon this world from the Shadow World - a god who was slain by his own son.  Such an act has no doubt created a site of extreme magical desecration, the effects of which have never been seen in this world.  

Reports also suggest that Wynn is not returning with the team that was sent, although his present circumstances remain unknown.  For the time, the Section Heads will convene with Sir Chessing upon the team's arrival to learn what we can, and decisions will be reached about the steps we are to take next as an organization, versus this great evil.

Other information has come to light to suggest that there may be some among our number that we cannot trust.  Due to this, it has been decided that certain emergency conditions will be put into place until further discussion may be had among leadership.  Certain magical protections will be put into place on the castle to further shield us from outside attacks.  More importantly, however, we are recalling all active Knights to the castle itself, and requiring that no one leave until a decision is reached about how to proceed.  Those who do not heed this recall risk being excommunicated from sensitive mission details going forward, and will not be allowed back in our doors.  This is a temporary measure, but a necessary one, as we work to ensure that our Knighthood is not compromised in this delicate time.

Again, all Knights are to return to the castle immediately, and remain here until word is given otherwise.


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