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Name:Lois Lane

· the one and only lois lane ·

Canon: Smallville

Raised as an army brat, Lois is all confidence, gusto, and stiff upper lip. She loves classic rock, video games, karate, and annoying the shit out of Clark Kent. Oh, and it can be difficult to shut her up, especially when she has an opinion on something.

Which is always.

· knights of legend·

Played at [community profile] knightsoflegend.

Timeline: AU s7
While Clark joins a secret Knighthood in England, Lois stays back in Kansas to try to close the trap on Lex Luthor... while also trying to pry into Clark's new gang of superfriends.

Clark is [personal profile] clarkfuckingkent.
Lex is [personal profile] villainous..

· disclaimer ·

I am not Erica Durance, Lois Lane, or associated with Smallville in any way. This is for fun, not for profit.

If you need to contact the mun, PM this journal or use AIM @thegreatmuldini ♥
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acid wash, clark kent, clois, dynasty warriors, intrepid reporting, kicking ass with karate, lois lane, maple donuts, monster truck rallies, naked guys, portland zoo, rasta mike's reggae, smallville, spellcheck, stone city 5, stray dogs, superman, the psychedelic, the way, video games, whitesnake, xbox
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