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character relationships.
An alternate universe version of Clark's cousin, from the future.   The two have talked briefly and vaguely about the future.  When Kon-El arrived, Lois became aware that Kara had powers.   Lois asked her about Krypton, after learning the truth about Clark, and that Kara had grown up there.

Lois really likes Kara, because she's shown herself to be a willing listener, a confident, trustworthy sort of person, and on a similar wavelength of humor sometimes. She does feel an inordinate amount of pressure now to make a good impression, though, given that she's Clark's only living blood relative, and so the distance she sometimes sense from Kara gnaws at her a little. She's not sure if on some level Kara resents her relationship with Clark, and she suffers from the smallest level of jealousy/insecurity herself over the fact that Kara and Clark share the profound bond of being the only two surviving members of their planet and race. Obviously, it's not a boat Lois wishes she was in, but she does want to be able to understand Clark through and through, and she feels like Kara has a huge heads up over her in that regard. Lois pities Kara a lot more than she pities Clark in regards to the destruction of Krypton: given that Kara has actual memories of the people and places there, Lois imagines it has to be harder for her in almost every way. She worries about Kara nursing some bitterness over being the only one in that boat, though it's possible that vibe just comes from Kara's own defensiveness around Lois due to all those events she knows nothing about.

Above everything else, though, Lois strongly desires to have Kara as a friend, or sister-figure, and having a Chloe shaped hole in her memories leaves her with the subconscious desire to find a substitute: and Kara fits that bill well. Kara finally revealed some of what happened with Lois' father and sister during the New Krypton debacle, and although Lois isn't sure how to feel about it, she doesn't want it to put a kink in her relationship with Kara.

When Lois was possessed by Isis, Kara led the charge, so to speak of research and figuring out how to handle things, given that Clark was sort of too upset to really deal with people at the time.  However, this led to her charging in on her own in an attempt to stop Isis - and getting herself killed by the goddess.  Lois learned about this upon returning to the castle, and more than anything else that Isis had done, was haunted by this action, knowing what it must have been like for Clark.  Seeing as how he refused to dwell on his own feelings about it, given that he was so focused on trying to comfort her, she felt... even worse about putting him through that, and she's still not sure exactly what it put Kara through either.  Kara's return was easier than she'd feared it would be, though, and she's glad that there doesn't seem to be any animosity between them.  Kara revealed her own feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, as well as guilt regarding the incident, which Lois was completely surprised by, given she was the one who thought she should feel guilty over what happened.

Lois broke the news about the situation back home to Kara, and she was also the second person she told about her engagement to Clark, even while she was keeping it secret from the rest of the castle.  After the announcement was made public, Kara presented her with ceremonial Kryptonian robes, explaining that it made Lois an official part of the family.  

KARA ZOR-EL / SUPERGIRL | [ profile] supertorso
A superhero from Gotham City and the patriarch of the Batfam, Lois really wants to believe the best of Bruce, despite his gruff demeanor and tendency to train what Clark likes to refer to as "child soldiers".  Her immediate desire to believe that he's a genuine good guy stems not only from learning he's fated to be Clark's best friend and trusting in his future judgment, but also in finding out that an alternate version of herself briefly dated Wayne.  While a little unsettled by the fact that he knows things about her personality that a stranger shouldn't know, when she doesn't know anything about him, she's still determined to crack through his cool exterior - and to mend the awkward relationship he has with her version of Clark.

She's definitely coming to respect Bruce as a fellow investigator and they've fallen into a habit pretty quickly of checking their facts with one another when mysteries crop up.  She's promised him a dance at the Christmas Ball.

BRUCE WAYNE / BATMAN | [ profile] isthenight
Lois' cousin and best friend back at home.  However, at Paradisa, Lois has lost all memory of Chloe ever having been a part of her life.   She's been told about how important Chloe was to her, but it's difficult to rebuild that from scratch, so she's trying her darndest to get to know her again, but feels a little awkward about it.  Chloe was always one of the people Lois could rely on, so losing her memories of her has done a lot to increase Lois' sense of self-reliance and underlying loneliness.   

CHLOE SULLIVAN | [ profile] missullivan
Akihiko endeared himself to Lois early on by giving her the full story on the Spider incident.   She's glad to know someone else who's interested in hashing out what's really going on, and she trusts him as a good sounding board for theories.  Akihiko went on the planned Dead Zone excursion with Lois, and felt incredibly guilty when she was abducted in the five minutes that he left her alone.  She's assured him that it was all her fault, and not his.  She's learned that his loss is an inability to leave women alone.  Which is definitely great material to razz him about.  

While she usually enjoys giving him a hard time, she does feel kind of bad that she forgot about his loss when she was trying to escape from him during the holiday turtledove season, resulting in them sharing an awkward kiss, that was actually Aki's first ever.  

AKIHIKO SANADA | [ profile] brbfisting
The Professor.   Raine is one of the few people who seem to have made an attempt to document information about the World Beyond, and so she's been an incredibly important resource to Lois in putting together her report.  Lois has a lot of respect for the woman's analytical mind, as well as bravery in participating in exploratory missions.  Her knowledge of history and archaeology are really useful, and she's always willing to talk out theories.  Raine's told Lois some things about the world she comes from, including about the destruction caused by "the World tree" and she's promised to tell Lois more some day.  For now, the Professor has gone home, and Lois misses her invaluable assistance.

RAINE SAGE  | [ profile] ruin_mania
Roy at least traveled around with members of the First Generation, however tells everyone he's suffering from severe amnesia, and remembers nothing helpful. He told Lois the story of how he woke up in a drug lab, was found by the Paradisa expedition team, and attacked by the Giovanni.  He admitted to her that he remembers more than he lets on, but keeps it to himself to protect his relationship with the cowboys.  He's from an alternate universe future of Lois' own world, where he was taken in by that world's Green Arrow and became his sidekick.  Used to be known as "Speedy". 

ROY W. HARPER / ARSENAL | [ profile] eatshootsnleves
Another person who supports freedom of information in the castle, so an ally on that front.

GILBERT NIGHTRAY | [ profile] invokes
Confessed information to Lois about alchemical processes in her world that might have been molded to create the wtfalo. She seems to have been a teacher, as she talks about past students of hers here, who might have the means to do that kind of thing, although she claims none of them would. Izumi helped research Frostmourne, as well.

Lois really appreciates Izumi, because she seems to be practically minded and dedicated to figuring things out as well, and she offered her help researching Frostmourne. She likes people who take an active hand, and so it's earned her respect, definitely. She's not sure if Izumi is keeping other cards close to her chest about this alchemical process and her students, however, seeing as how she obviously didn't want to splash her connections all over the journal and kept it a private conversation. Lois feels like Izumi has a lot of affection for her students, as a teacher, which is a GOOD thing, but she thinks she's naive to suspect that none of her students could have passed the knowledge on to someone else, innocently.

IZUMI CURTIS | [ profile] tough_teacher
Accompanied Lois & Agent Kay to scope out some outposts. Lois attended Lilith's wedding, as Clark's date.

LILITH NIGHTROAD  | [ profile] lovingguide
Lois met him while he was on a loss, so she thinks he's just an adorable, derpy 14 year old Clark. She told him he should talk to her Clark and gave him his room number. Clark later explained exactly who and what he was to her, and she urged Clark not to feel guilty for the things that another version of him did or was capable of.   

CLARKIE (PRIME)  | [ profile] true_superboy
Curious, even by Lois' standards. She helped her upon her first arrival.

GRETCHEN BERG | [ profile] jumppushfall
Lois actually went a little while without realizing that there were two Karas in the castle, until she saw double at Thanksgiving.  She's really not sure what the difference between the two is yet, other than this one seems a little... peppier.  She remains pretty uncertain of anything else about Kara 2 (other than that Clark is not allowed to come up with nicknames for her). 

KARA ... 2 | [ profile] superbombshell
Clark's clone, which is a bit of a mindfuck. Is the entire reason Lois found out about Clark's identity in the first place, and to be honest, she's a little grateful for that. She thinks.   Had an incredibly awkward mid-air collision between her & Clark and him & Cassie, who were both... making out.  They've pledged to never speak of this again.  Has tactile telekinesis.   

KON-EL / CONNER / SUPERBOY  | [ profile] ihavettk
Arrived at Paradisa only shortly before Lois did, and is from a world that's much more normal than most people around the castle, which she appreciates. She owes him a maple donut, given that he threw a 'tea party' upon her request.  The two get along well, though the Christmas kissing curse struck them both and made things a little uncomfortable.

LARRY PAUL | [ profile] lawyerlarry
They both share a love of spreading information and The Truth, so it's no surprise these two hit it off right away.  They've worked together on research various times, and also are currently working on setting up a system to organize the library / find someone to work there. 

BARBARA GORDON | [ profile] newgothamoracle
Lois imagines Mat's homeworld to be a little like Lord of the Rings, with Two Rivers being the Shire (which isn't too far off). The fact that he's sort of a scoundrel who gets by off gambling and charm amuses her, and she's curious about the magic in his world. He's told her that she can find out more about Aes Sedai from Egwene, who's also from his world.  They're planning on a card game sometime. 

MATRIM 'MAT' CAUTHON | [ profile] no_bloody_lord
Sam's older brother, and another hunter, like him. Seems to have a better head on his shoulders though, and seems generally interested in helping Lois & co. solve the mystery of this place.

DEAN WINCHESTER | GONE HOME | [ profile] saltshotgun
A Death God, which is pretty freaky, but Lois is just relieved that he seems to be on the right side of things. He offered his help to free the trapped souls from Frostmourne.

DEATH THE KID | [ profile] luv8vul  
D'awww.  Lois can't help but feel sorry for this completely inept female, and gave her lessons on how to do makeup and generally... be a girl.  She finds her sort of adorable.  Helped with research on Frostmourne.  Jessica was severely embarrassed after kissing Lois during the Christmas curse.  

JESSICA DREW | [ profile] arakhnes
Cute kid, who Lois taught video game tips to when they were playing Duck Hunt together. In exchange for which, he's promised her future assistance with any tinkering she might need done that he can help out with. She also gave him advice about girls.

WYBIE LOVAT | [ profile] why_born
The guy who showed up screaming about Bug Queens. Made quite a first impression.  Video game enthusiast.  Button masher.  x(   

XANDER HARRIS | [ profile] mr_stealthypnts
Lois heard from just about everyone that she should meet and talk to Dick months before she actually got a chance to at the 2010 Thanksgiving dinner.  Given that she means to ask him about how he became Robin, she agreed to hold off on the interview - and doesn't realize that he's now avoiding her, and said interview.  Older "brother" to Damian, and the first of the second generation of Bats.

DICK GRAYSON  | [ profile] knightprodigy
Lois was one of the first people to talk to Caroline upon her arrival, and warned her about some of the castle's darker side, as well as giving her advice on getting a job. Caroline's admitted that where she comes from, she's dealt with vampires, witches, and werewolves, but Lois still has no idea she's a vampire herself. They awkwardly kissed during the turtledoves curse, but both laughed about it later.

CAROLINE FORBES | [ profile] amplificate
Another person from alterna-Lois' future, Karen sounds weirdly like Chloe, and apparently knows Kara.  Lois is a little suspicious of what the heck is up with Karen, who couldn't even bring herself to talk when she learned Lois was there, claiming to 'need time'.

KAREN | [ profile] advocacies
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SHAYERA HOL | [ profile] maces
A member of Teen Titans, and one of the costumed crime fighters at the castle, Cassie's been very up front with information about the World Beyond, which put her in Lois' good graces quickly. They've discussed taking a trip to go try and talk to the Spiders again, together.  Kon's girlfriend.  Let us never speak of what happened in the skies when they ran into Clark & Lois the night he told her the truth. 

The self professed "detective" made a lot of waves early on when her and her friends seemed to enjoy playing mind games with the other residents while they attempted to solve 'mysteries'.  Lois, however, earned some of Erika's respect through her in depth report on the castle, and even offered her some assistance when people started disappearing.  Clark warned Lois that the girls seem to like baiting people into fights and it was best to ignore them, but she wants to figure them out, and might try using Erika's respect for her to get more information on the 'witches'. 

ERIKA FURUDO | [ profile] trollheart
While a little bit on the religious extremist side, Integra at least seems serious about her desire to find a way out of here, and Lois appreciates anybody willing to assist on that front. She's apparently had a lot of experience dealing with the supernatural.

Tim accompanied Lois on the Dead Zone trip that ended in her kidnapping.  They have not, however, talked very much.  She knows he's a part of the bat family, and one of several Tims crawling around the place.  

TIM DRAKE | [ profile] scouring
Goddess of Chaos, who tried to ruin Thanksgiving with her evil turkeys.

ERIS | [ profile] chaosphiliac
Tim actually first talked to Lois while she was a film noir detective, which she... barely remembers, but he brought up the good idea of asking the castle for the missing books.  They met again later during Victorian Christmas times and actually introduced themselves. 

TIM | [ profile] bratwonder
Lois met the quiet girl at Thanksgiving and learned she's Jilly's roommate and that she's been stuck here 18 months.  She struck her as really nice, but rather shy.

SAKAKI | [ profile] so_catless
Tony Ghost unfortunately met Lois when she was affected by Lorne's spell, which had her believing she was a film noir detective.  Mistaking him for the real Tony Stark, she met up with him to ask him questions about the suits' capabilities and potential involvement in the abductions. 

TONY... STARK? | [ profile] lessmanmoreiron


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