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Jan. 27th, 2018 11:54 am
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character relationships.
The leader of the expedition to Mineas Well, she agreed to keep Lois informed about what went down, after appreciating Lois' in depth report. 

KAT S-320 | [ profile] inmylight_comdr
Recently arrived, and seems to have taken a lot from Lois' report, and wants to genuinely help them try to solve some of the mysteries.  She spoke to Lois about the missing books and volunteered to help search for them.  She's also expressed interest in going on the next expedition when the snow clears. 

HERMIONE GRANGER | [ profile] courageous_wit
Joined in on the discussion of what was going on with the missing books, and presented the theory that they were stuck in the Dead Zone beyond the castle's reach.

FELIX HARROWGATE | [ profile] lord_wizard
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Isis wrecked Max's precious bike when she was saving Spike, and so Max asked Lois to help her repair it.

MAX GUEVARA |[ profile] whatialways_do
Congratulated Lois & Clark on their engagement and sympathized with Lois on the difficulty of planning a wedding from Paradisa. 

AMY POND | [ profile] too_fairytale
Lois has thus far only spoken to Nancy over the journals, when Nancy gave her some advice about what was really causing the kissing curse.

NANCY DOWNS | [ profile] thatsnotnancy
Kissed her during the Christmas curse and thought that was a one way ticket to charming her, or something. 

SWARTHY ITALIAN DUDE | [ profile] aligero
Lois has never actually spoken to Arthas, and she'd rather keep it that way, but she organized a research team to try and figure out how to remove the souls from and then destroy his sword, Frostmourne.

ARTHAS MENETHIL | [ profile] lionbeforelambs
Seems to know Clark. Showed Lois where Reno's room was.

GAIGNUN KUKAI JR. | [ profile] variare
Lois rescued the hapless kitten when Damian tried to drop it off a balcony. She has no idea it was a ... person though.

A CAT | [ profile] merriment
Gave Lois some info on the pier, since she'd been there with the Prince. The two of them seem to know each other well and he made comments about her usual "profanity", though she vehemently denied them.

HALLOWEEN "KING" MORDRED | [ profile] relegate
Added to Halloween's report re: the Pier.

THE PRINCE (OF PERSIA) | [ profile] withoutablade
Friendly guy, who helped research Frostmourne.  He also spoke with Lois about her theories regarding Flora, while Lois thought she was a film noir detective. 

While Lois has no idea he's a bird, she's still grateful that he volunteered to look into the buffalo more for her.

TOBIAS | [ profile] fauconnerie
Another one from Azeroth, she volunteered some info about Frostmourne, and its previous destruction.

VEREESA WINDRUNNER | [ profile] swornanoath
Helped with research on Frostmourne.

HARUNO SAKURA | [ profile] haruno
Percy initially came across as really young to Lois, but he was still willing to volunteer some info on the "creepy bird people", which was promising. She's learned that back in his world, he fought Titans and undead, and things like talking to animals were common occurrences.

PERCY JACKSON | [ profile] waterproofed


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