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Jan. 16th, 2011 02:42 am
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In an effort to make this plot run as smoothly as possible, and to allow everyone to get involved who wanted to, here's a brief outline of what I'm currently planning!  Please feel free to comment to this post at any juncture to ask questions / plot with other people or me, etc.

Post 01 |  Isis Rises

A brief snapshot of how the loss began, followed by Isis' arrival.  She'll be in the hallways, demanding answers regarding what became of Osiris' heart, and about her captivity.   Anyone is free to run into her face to face (or speak with her over the journal, though she won't like that very much).  Angered over what happened the last time she was freed, she won't have much patience for anyone who tries to physically halt her, though she'll take the most direct path to getting them out of her way without killing them (blasting them aside, magically binding them, etc.)  At some point  in this post, she'll need to learn that the castle is alive, and responsible for holding them here, as well as the fact that her powers won't work if she tries to leave.

If you wanted to get in a more low-key altercation with Isis, where she just plows over your character without too much of a real clash, this would be a great post for it.  If people try to get smart or hedge answers from her, however, she's likely to get rough in her... interrogation methods.

Post 02 | The Fury of the Gods

Isis' solution to being stuck in captivity is simple enough: if the castle itself is the being responsible, she'll destroy the thing foolish enough to try to hold her.  In order to keep things from getting cluster fucked, I'll create a series of starter threads of locations around the castle for those who wished to fight Isis to disperse themselves in.    Each of these threads will end with either the character(s) stopping Isis from destroying that section of the castle, or Isis succeeding and moving on (possibly harming, binding, or killing the characters who try to stop her).  It'd be great if we could plan out what you'd prefer to have happen in this post.  Also, if you want your character to team up with someone specific to take her on in one area of the castle, plan that here as well, and when making the threads I'll indicate "LOCKED TO - AND - " or whatever.  

If you wanted your character in a one on one (or smaller group vs. one) fight against Isis, this is the post for it.  The final battle coming later will involve a lot of people fighting her at once, so there's no way to guarantee your character will get a lot of face time.  If you'd like your character to have a more major role in the final battle, please hold off from getting overly involved in this post,  just so everyone can get some action in.  :)  Exceptions can be made for those who have lots of CR with Lois, though I'd still prefer those characters to be involved in the final battle more than these skirmishes.  

Ideally, somewhere in between blowing everything up, Isis will learn about the ability to summon items to this world.   If not, the info might come out in the first post, just as long as she finds out somehow, somewhere.

Post 03 | My Heart Will Go On :|

Isis summons Osiris' heart and will make a post vaguely insinuating that she's got a plan to  resurrect him, even though his body's gone, and that she's looking for a worthy vessel whose body she can just... take, killing the host and replacing their heart with Osiris'.  She'll end up settling on Jono Starsmore for both his similarities to Osiris, divine ancestry, and lack of internal organs in the first place...

If you wanted to have Isis have some kind of moment reading into your character's heart and mind and talking to them about their inner feelings, this would be the perfect place for it.

Post 04 | Call It A Ritual

This will be a closed post, in which Isis captures Claire Bennet and Jono and binds them, attempting a ritual sacrifice in which Claire's death will allow her to magically seal Osiris' heart in Jono's body...

Spoiler: it won't end well.  Stupid regens.

Post 05 | The Burning Prince

Enraged by her failure with Claire (worst sacrifice ever), Isis will simply overcompensate and decide to capture a bunch of castle residents and just bleed all of them.  Surely one of 'em will die, and she can complete her ritual.  I think I'm going to handwave the actual captures unless someone desperately wants to play theirs out.  Either way, people who volunteered to be sacrifices, this is the post for you!

This post will have several sub-threads, and when first posted will be closed to Isis and sacrifices.  In the first sub-threads, sacrifices can talk to each other, plead for their lives, try to escape, or whatnot : and Isis will begin killing them.  If you want your character to get killed for certain at this point, please tell me!  

Before she can kill all of them, Kara will arrive, and try to reach Lois inside Isis.  Isis, however, will end up killing her, driving Jono to the brink of despair.  He'll agree to accept Osiris' heart without resistance, and when she attempts to put it in him...

It will get vaporized.  And the goddess will be pissed and heartbroken, at which point the post will be opened up to any heroes who want to beat down the door to stop her and save the remaining living hostages.  This will be done in a sub-thread added after the Kara & Jono action goes down.  At some point in that confrontation, someone will have to direct sunlight or heat through the necklace she wears, in order to trap Isis' spirit in it and free Lois again.  (Research buffs might put their heads together to figure this out before sending the heroes off to confront her?)

Research Info on Isis

For anyone who looks for a way to stop Isis, they will find out that if she succeeds in resurrecting Osiris, his kingdom - the Underworld - supposedly will rise as well, bringing hell on earth to Paradisa.  

That's bad.

The legend is that Osiris' jealous brother, Set, made a plan to kill Osiris, and cut his body into a thousand pieces, hiding his heart, and trapping his wife Isis inside an amulet, so that she could not find the heart and reunite it with his body.  

The only way to return Isis to her captivity is sunlight through the amulet.
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