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Lois' gifts will mostly be delivered to people's doors, but Clark and Kara will get theirs in person.

Clark «  Kara & Lois are giving Clark a joint fruitcake as a gag gift, because they both think he's too nice to not eat it, and they want to test this theory.   Lois is also going to gift him the Legion Ring back, even if it's.. already his, because she feels like it should be in his possession.  Plus, some chew toys for Shelby and Krypto.

Kara «  Art supplies (thanks for the tip, Clark)

Ollie «  A big green stuffed dinosaur.  And a nice hanging plant.  Plus a six pack.

Lana «  A really stylish blue jacket

Akihiko «  Some cool shades with which to impress the ladies.   ... she's a dick.

Raine «  A nice empty leather bound journal for taking notes in.

Crowley «  One of those singing dogs that barks Christmas carols.  And for some mysterious reason, it won't turn off...

Stephanie «  A Spice Girls CD :P

Spike «  Alcohol.  

Claire «  Some snazzy workout clothes and all the Karate Kid movies.

Barbara «  A small pile of books and a little reading lamp.

Damian «  Some kind of violent video game that's rated M for violence, because she's an awesome role model

Yuki «  A self help book about setting goals for oneself.

Asano Rin «  A big red fleece blanket

Jessica «  A makeup kit

Jilly «  A bright red jacket

Bruce «  A plate of those cookies with the red center.  That she stole from the kitchen, don't worry.

Lucy & Jo « Nice compasses with a note that says "For the next time we get lost"

Peter «  A silver flask >:)
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