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Dec. 15th, 2010 09:17 am
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Ok, this place has officially pushed itself from Twilight Zone territory into the Outer Limits.   I've been here two days, and yesterday, I kept getting inexplicably caught running in place on corners if I didn't give them a wide enough berth.   Strangers kept making entirely random comments out loud about the status of things in the city or their personal lives when I got within five feet of them or made eye contact.  Rats kept attacking me, and I swear to God, some of them were wearing sunglasses.  I'm not sure what's more bizarre: that or the fact that I actually defied the laws of physics and punched them to death.  Punched.  The tiny rats.

Maybe it was the part where they exploded in a shower of coins afterwards.  And the musical fanfare.  I'm getting a headache from that same damn trumpet noise every five seconds.

[Advil.  She needs some Advil.]  All I know is that somebody out there has to have a better explanation for what I'm doing here and how I'm getting home than that Damon guy did: because 'no clue and we're not'?  Sorry Regis, but that's not my final answer.
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