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[series]:  Smallville
[character]:  Lois Joanne Lane
[character history / background]:

Lois' early life was spent traveling from one army base to another, because of her father, General Sam Lane. As an army brat, she got to see a lot of the world, but never made a lot of lasting connections.

Her mother, Ella, died of lung cancer when she was only six years old, though Lois does remember her, and also remembers the relationship that she had with her father.  She viewed the way her mother stoically accepted the sacrifices Sam Lane made in the line of duty as a model for how a relationship should be ideally be: with both parties in it together, giving each other strength.  Ella lingered in the hospital for awhile, and asked the girls' father to keep them away from her, so that they would be left with only happy memories of their mother.  Lois, however, came over time to feel as if it had been her choice not to visit her mother, a behavior that played itself out again later when she refused to attend her cousin Chloe's funeral.  Her mother left her a box full of keepsakes, and video letters, but she refused to open it or watch the tapes until years down the road, in her twenties.

With her father's position in the military, this left Lois to more or less raise her younger sister, Lucy, on her own. Because she spent more time being a mother than a sister to her, Lucy was often resentful towards Lois, and tended to rebel against her. Lois herself was forced to grow into the responsibility of this role quickly, and as such, never had much of a childhood of her own. She remained incredibly protective of her sister all through their lives, and her father held Lois responsible for Lucy's behavioral issues.

While in elementary school, Lois met Wes Keenan, and they had a brief childhood romance. He was her first kiss.

Eventually, her father sent Lucy off to boarding school, because of her behavior problems. Lois, on the other hand, had to stay with him, and continued to travel from base to base, a fact which her sister was actually jealous of.  Lois, at the same time, was jealous of her sister's freedom.

Lois switched schools so much that she never actually successfully completed enough credits to graduate, despite taking longer to finish high school classes than normal. By the time she was 19, she thought she was an equivalent high school graduate and at this point has applied to Metropolis University. (She'll later, learn, however, that she's not eligible for this until she finishes out her hs credits).

Lois' father wanted his girls to be able to defend themselves, so Lois has been taking karate lessons for long enough to be a qualified third-degree black belt.

Despite the long distance between them, Lois was very close to her cousin, Chloe Sullivan, all through her life. When she learned of her cousin's death, and got her hands on a video letter from Chloe to Clark Kent, she traveled to Smallville herself in order to investigate Chloe's death further. This is where she enters the show in Season Four, and where I'll be taking her from at Poly.

Her entire character history across the rest of the show can be found here.

[character abilities]:  

Lois doesn't have any superhuman abilities, but she is a third degree black belt in karate, and is trained in standard military weapons.. She can also do minimal security breaching when it comes to computer systems. She has an impressive way with words, when it comes to writing, and has been shown to be quite skilled at all manner of disguises.

She's also got a mean right hook.

[character personality]:

Lois' personality is most heavily influenced by her unusual childhood as an army brat, and her relationship with her father and sister. Living in a military environment with a father who held her to incredibly high standards turned her into the tough as nails, stubborn, irrepressible and incredibly driven person that she is. Since her mother died when she was very young, she was without a real female role model, and it shows in her more aggressively masculine demeanor. She's able to run with the boys in every department: whether kicking butt with karate, winning drinking contests against frat boys, or just holding her ground when anyone tries to boss her around. She's always quick to rise to a challenge; as Clark puts it, when things get difficult, that's when she gets interested.  The fact that her father held such a position of authority on the bases that she called home, she took a lot of cues from the way he treated others, and sort of grew up expecting others to respect her authority and follow her orders.  She'll often look at everyday situations from a tactical point of view, and is very objective-oriented.   

Lois has a strong sense of curiosity and justice, which makes it really difficult to throw her off a scent - a skill that later will serve her in her career as a journalist. This sense of morality no doubt comes partly from growing up in a culture of intense patriotism - although Lois has been known to bend or break a few rules or even laws to achieve that justice. This also might come from her father partly, as he's been involved in some shady practices of his own.

Having been forced to all but raise her baby sister made Lois grow up very quickly, and as a result, she's always ready to take responsibility or take action in situations, and she has very little patience for whiners or those who sit back and expect things to be handed to them. She's fiercely protective of not just Lucy, but of everyone she loves. When she learns of mysterious circumstances surrounding her cousin's death, she immediately launches an investigation for herself, with no hesitation.   While she might erect a lot of walls that keep people at arm's length for awhile, when she does dedicate herself to anyone, whether as a friend or lover, her loyalty runs deeply.

Lois talks ... a lot. Her abrasive personality and sharp-tongued sense of humor aren't for everybody, and they occasionally get her into trouble. She's been known to butt heads with authority figures, and she can strike some people as irritating in her persistence and by being so opinionated about... everything. Her spontaneous nature often translates to talking without really thinking things through, and she can be accidentally offensive as a result. Sometimes she's brash to the point of extreme recklessness, and she's been known to throw herself into dangerous situations because she didn't think ahead.

Lois is used to hiding her emotions, since she grew up in an atmosphere where crying equated to weakness. She tends to mask a lot of her feelings behind a wall of sarcasm and humor, and when she does open up about her emotions, there's usually a deep degree of bitterness there. She hides a lot of inner resentment at her father, and how his job always came before his family. Her relationship with her father has a certain degree of distance in it (she only refers to him as "the General" rather than "dad"), which translates to a lot of relationships in her life. One of her greatest fears lies in the thought of ending up in relationships with people who, like her father, will have a destiny and duty that is so much more important than her, that she'll end up left behind constantly. She wants desperately to matter to someone, and it's one reason she drives herself so hard - initially for her father's approval, but increasingly because she wants to prove things to herself, rather than doing them for him.  She feels very personally responsible for the poor life decisions her sister had made, and the sort of person she's turned out to be, given that she feels more like a parent than a sister to her. At the same time, she loves her deeply, and continues to have faith in her, always willing to demonstrate pride for the positive things that Lucy does or accomplishes.

Beyond this, her greatest desire is to make a positive difference in the world, which is the strongest motivator for her journalistic endeavors.  By uncovering the truth, bringing the bad guys to justice through exposing their deeds to the world, and later on, by assisting the Blur, she finds her own 'destiny' and really comes into her own.  In the tenth season of Smallville, the villain Darkseid is unable to possess her because of the strength and purity of her soul and character - at heart, she is quite simply a very good person, no matter how brashly she may come off on the surface. 

Lois is a well of pop culture references, which indicates just how much time she's spent watching TV, etc. Her musical tastes veer away from the popular "young" choices, and she prefers the kind of classic rock favored by the military guys she grew up around. 80s rock is her favorite, and Whitesnake is her favorite band.  She's known to retreat from problems by turning to alcohol (or sarcasm) and she can out drink college frat boys with ease.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]:  Smallville 4x01

[journal post]:

So, first impressions of Smallville:

Getting knocked off the road by some seriously inconsiderate lightning while lost in the first place? Bad. Meeting a guy who'd had his brain, and apparently clothes, fried by said lightning? Hello Kansas. No jokes about knowing how to grow things out on the farm though, I promise. Too easy.


Being saddled with said naked amnesiac, and spending some less-than-quality time trapped at the hospital as a result was really not part of the plan for launching my investigation. But it turns out this wasn't just any pantless wandering wonder - Señor Frankenstein was exactly the guy I came to town to talk to. The same one who might have information on my cousin's death.

Talk about a stroke of luck.

So I followed him home to his Old McDonald ranch, after spending a couple amazing hours sleeping in my car, joy of joys, but his mom turned me away.

Little does she know, it's not so easy getting rid of me.

She said she'll have him call though, if he remembers anything. Interrogating a lobotomy patient probably wouldn't be very rewarding in the first place, but I have to try. Nowhere else to turn at this point.

Though sitting around and waiting for a call?

Not exactly my style either.

[third person / log sample]:

Corn, corn, corn, corn, more corn, lone cow in a field.

"Really shaking up the view there, Smallville," Lois murmured aloud, her car locked steadfastly in cruise control as she drove along the long, flat expanse of road. "Don't strain yourself."

The hollow attempt at humor might have worked better if there were someone else in the car, but as it stood, she wasn't really fooling herself.

Her cousin - her always smiling, crazy theory spewing kook of a cousin, her Chloe - had died here. And as charmingly flat and dull and less-than-thrilling as the scenery might have been, she knew there were secrets buried here, and she was determined to weed them out herself.

It was still difficult to actually think of her as gone. It'd be three months, and she still had a hard time facing it. But there was work to be done, and someone had to do the avenging that apparently had to go down, if that video of Chloe's was any indication. And to be honest, focusing on unraveling some kind of mystery was much easier than mourning. And focusing on being outraged that Lionel Luthor might walk out of jail any day when he was probably involved in her death? Even easier.

No one had dared to question yet why Lois hadn't gone to the funeral. It was better that way, because she wasn't about to lie and give them some excuse. But telling the truth was hard as hell. Even telling it to herself.

She remembered feeling that same way when she was just a small girl, her mother in the hospital, and her father telling her that she was probably never coming home.  

What kind of daughter didn't even go to say goodbye to her dying mother?

For as much as she prided herself on her strength, she couldn't help but hate herself for her moments of weakness like this, where she was afraid of showing anything to the world that wasn't a stiff upper lip.  Daddy had taught her well about keeping a soldier's face on, even through the worst of things.  She wasn't about to compromise that by revealing the sort of things she wasn't capable of handling.

Maybe she couldn't deal with saying goodbye... but she could do it in her own way by bringing the person who had done this to Chloe to justice.

The clouds started moving in, as if mirroring her thoughts.

"That's just great," she grumbled, resisting the urge to fumble for a cigarette. "You can keep your meteorological metaphors to yourself, world. Doing fine without them over here."

As if in direct response, lightning growled in the distance.

Her own growl rivaled it pretty well as she stepped on the accelerator. If she had any luck, maybe she could beat the storm.

It might help, however, if she knew where the hell she was.


And an additional sample log can be found here though it is from a different game.  Just in case you needed some more. :3


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