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character relationships.
Mild-mannered Daily Planet co-worker and partner, not to mention the man she's found herself in love with, despite herself, and her current fiancee, both in her own timeline, and at Paradisa. Given how much of their relationship has always been about banter and frustrating each other, you'd think she'd have seen the sexual tension coming a mile away. At Cair Paradisa, he quickly proved himself her most valuable resource for basic information on the castle, and did more than plenty to make her feel at home: though it took her a moment to realize his overtures were directly romantic. After a couple of casual dates, Kon-El arrived, and Lois read his casual conversations with "Kal-El" re: superpowers.   She confronted Clark on the roof about it, and he told her the truth: that he was Superman, and from another planet.   He took her on a flight above Paradisa, and they shared a kiss on top of the mountains that led into a confession of their feelings for each other, and an attempt at a real relationship, despite the circumstances.

When Lois went home again for a year and a half, she once more fell into a romantic relationship with Clark, that blossomed and developed into something serious, after Brainiac V helped show Clark what the future would be like if he let himself let go of the past and embrace his present with Lois.  The two ended up engaged, only days before Lois' return to the castle, where Clark was surprised and delighted by the news: something they needed in the  wake of the darkness left in Isis' path.  Lois, however, worried that it was too fast for him, and that maybe he wasn't pleased by the news, knowing that there were things this Clark hadn't been through, that might have convinced the Clark back home that he did want to be with her forever.  She took the ring off and kept the engagement secret from almost everyone, explaining to Clark that she wanted to wait until the mourning period was over before breaking the good news, when really, she was mostly insecure about Clark's feelings on the matter.  When she finally admitted this to him, he allayed her fears, and shortly thereafter, on Valentine's Day, she solved the problem of their one sided engagement by proposing to him (while he was in his Superman costume , no less).  He accepted, and they announced their engagement within the week.  Most residents didn't even know they were in a relationship, until the announcement.  

Lois, above all things, has a deep respect for what a truly good person Clark is at heart, and as such, she respects his superheroing and views him as her own personal hero.  She has no desire to hold him back from doing everything he can to help the rest of the world, and she wants to be a source of strength for him, rather than a weakness.  The fact that he views her as an equal, and that they both share such a passionate desire for justice, allows their relationship to help them both grow separately as people even as they grow closer.  Back home, she's become an official 'part of the team', and Clark's been convinced that he doesn't have to keep Lois separate from that aspect of his life just to keep her safe.  Here, however, she has to convince him of that all over again: but it helps to know that she's already won that battle back home.

She was, before her canon update, occasionally insecure about the fact that he only told her about his identity because of a slip on Kon's part, and wondered if he would ever had told her on his own accord.   These worries evaporated, however, after she not only discovered the truth in her world, but became the first person he told on his own terms completely.   She still worries often about the way in which her love for Clark and their growing relationship has made her more content with her stay in Paradisa, and wonders constantly if that was the castle's intention all along.  Lois doesn't particularly enjoy the thought that their love could be used a strategic tactic on the castle's behalf to keep one of the most adamant proponents of finding a way to send everyone home from wanting to fully act on that idealism.

Despite all this, Clark is still the best part of her life there, and she counts herself lucky to even have the time they have there together, whether they'll remember it later or not.  

♥ CLARK KENT / KAL-EL / THE BLUR aka SUPERMAN | [ profile] clarklike
Ex-boyfriend turned Broseidon, Ollie remains an incredibly important person to Lois, now that they've cleared up that whole secret identity thing that drove them apart in the first place.  While back home, he might be famous as a cavalier playboy millionaire, to Lois, he's just Oliver, who plays beer pong with her on their birthdays, and knows her better than most people.  While Oliver continues to harbor some feelings for her, Lois has moved on to Clark, and while she'll always love Ollie, she's not -in love- with him anymore, and she only learned that he still had these feelings upon returning home.  She know wonders what exactly the Oliver here at Paradisa feels, and this is one reason she chose to break the news of her engagement to Clark to him individually.

Oliver's also been one of the heroes who has welcomed her with open arms into the superhero world: even bestowing her with her own key and access to Watchtower a few months after she learned Clark's secret.  Back home, after what happened to him upon his unveiling his identity and registering with the VRA, she worries about his future, but tries as hard as she can to be a supportive friend throughout things.  In Paradisa, she doesn't remember his relationship with Chloe, but she still has come to see him as a brother like figure, thanks to his relationship to Clark.      

OLIVER QUEEN / GREEN ARROW | [ profile] yeahihidmypants
Lois doesn't have anything against Lana personally: she respects her as one tough chick to another. But she can't help the big glaring Clark Kent sized elephant in the room between them, because she's seen Clark running back to her time and time again, and while at first it was just annoyance that he couldn't figure out that it wasn't the best choice for him, now it's layered with jealousy as well. The fact that Lana married Lex Luthor once upon a time doesn't exactly help Lois' opinion of her either.   Having Clark assure her that him and Lana cleared the air between them at Paradisa has helped her be a little more open, however.  

Lana accompanied Lois and co. on the short lived trip with her to the Dead Zone and Lois made a concentrated effort to talk to her and try to keep things friendly.   She helped plan Thanksgiving with Clark and Lana, as well, which went off really well, and felt bad when she spoke with Lana regarding the 'future' that a lot of others who knew of her and Clark came from, when she found out most of them hadn't heard of Lana.  

Lana was one of those kidnapped by Isis to be sacrificed, but survived, with a few injuries.   Lois still hasn't spoken to her about it.  When they finally spoke about it, Lana admitted that unlike everyone else, who acted as if it was something they could be understanding about, she was angry: and she encouraged Lois to find a way to take out her own anger over what had happened.  Lois, however, countered that while that was all well and good, the only way she was going to feel as if she were really fighting back against the castle were to do what she was doing already - to search for a way to free everyone of this place once and for all.  What she didn't realize was that this was Lana's ploy all along - to let Lois talk out a solution for herself.

LANA LANG | [ profile] luthored
Somewhere between a replacement for her somewhat-fail relationship with her own sister, Lucy, and best-friendship, lies what Claire Bennet is to Lois.  Lois feels for Claire, given that she's also lost her memories of an important family member, and she also feels bad that everybody else in the castle seems to remember the girl, so she's glad to be one of the few who can take her at face value. She's impressed by how fast Claire's adjusting and how she's kept her sense of humor intact, as well as how she wanted to dive in to help with research on Arthas only days after arriving.   

The two made plans to travel to the Dead Zone together, and Lois tutored Claire in basic self-defense moves.  When the trip ended with Lois & Lana getting kidnapped, Lois was disappointed to be unable to go to Mineas Well with Claire and co.   Either way, she considers the younger girl one of her better friends and confidantes at the castle, and believes her capable of handling herself.   She agreed to continue teaching her self-defense, and has been steadily giving her karate lessons for months now, though this accelerated after the Isis incident.

When Lois was possessed by Isis, Claire provided the goddess with information about how to operate the journals, and in return, Isis decided to "thank her" by giving her the honor of being a sacrifice.  Claire, meanwhile, attempting to help Lois, volunteered herself to try to find out more from Isis and walked right into the trap.  When Isis attempted to kill Claire, stabbing her through the heart in a ceremony, Claire returned to life, angering the goddess, who left her bloody and mangled in the lobby.  When Lois came back to the castle, she saw what Claire had done, or attempted to do, and when Claire attempted to gloss over it when they talked afterwards, she recognized that the girl was doing exactly what she would have done, and trying to pretend everything was fine and swallow all her sadness.  Things came to a bit of a head, however, when Lois confronted Claire about avoiding her feelings on things, and Claire admitted that she wanted to be able to be in the middle of the fray, and said that doing research on the sidelines wasn't preventing anyone from dying.  Considering that this was... how Lois fought evil back home, it was a bit of a slap in the face.

Claire's uncle, Peter, brought booze over to help Lois drink off some of the pain, during which he revealed more of his abilities, and admitted to her that Claire shared them too.  Lois was not only shocked to find this out, but torn between being hurt that yet again, someone wanted to keep this secret from her, and understanding, at the same time, why Claire might.  The next day, however, she couldn't be sure how much of that had been truth and how much was the alcohol.  Hoping that Claire would just tell her eventually if it was true, she's kept the information to herself for now.  

After Valentine's Day, Oliver admitted to Lois that bewitched candy hearts had prompted him and Claire to get engaged, which raised Lois' mama bear instincts, and evaporated any remnants of her previous lingering anger at Claire over their argument.  Lois gets mad pretty easily... but she's not very good at staying that way, and Claire is one of the most important people to her at the castle.  She's agreed that Claire & Kara get to plan her bachelorette party. 

CLAIRE BENNET | [ profile] autophoenix
According to Clark, Crowley's the actual serpent from the Christian Bible, which got confirmed once she found out he was involved with an angel.  Either way, she can't help but like Crowley's sense of humor, and general cynicism, so the two get along surprisingly well, much to Clark's dismay.  She knows about his relationship with Castiel, and was pulling for them: so when Castiel disappeared, she went over to share some drinks with Crowley to help him through it.     

During the Christmas kissing curse, Crowley used a caged turtledove to force a bunch of people into kissing him - and when he pulled it on Lois, she afterwards tried to deck him, and then let Clark know what he was up to.  She's was incredibly pissed off at him, and he avoided her for about a month afterwards.  She pulled a minor prank on him in return, on Christmas Day, sending him one of those singing dogs who wouldn't shut up after hearing about his ~love~ for Christmas carols.

When Lois was possessed by the goddess Isis, Crowley got involved after learning she planned to raise the Underworld and bring Hell on earth.  He was part of the team who fought Isis directly.  Following the incident, Crowley appeared on her doorstep with booze, and the animosity between them was promptly dissolved.  She appreciated his offer as that of a friend, and she's really felt like she's begun to understand him and how he operates.  He confessed to her about his own discomfort with the one man he'd killed by his own hand back home, and the story of his own fall, and she's come to realize that his story's not exactly something clear cut in any way.  He might be a demon, but beyond knowing his capacity for playing pranks and maintaining his own image, she still trusts that he has her best interests at heart.

ANTHONY J. CROWLEY | [ profile] onlyanapple
A violent, entitled, pessimistic little jerk.  


On PETA's most wanted list after dangling a cat out the window, Lois initially dismissed him as a little brat, until she learned more from Dick & Bruce.  Lois actually feels bad for the way she treated him after things kind of spiraled out of control, and started talking to those who knew him about why he was like he is.  When she learned about his backstory, she resolved to try to actually be good to the kid, though he often sets her teeth on edge whenever she tries.    She plans on playing Call of Duty with him sometime.  Damian really loves making jabs at her, whether he's calling her Superman's hag wife, bashing Metropolis, or just implying she's incompetent, but she's determined to grit her teeth and not rise to his baiting.

She's likely to break any day now.

Since Bruce left, however, Jilly & Lois have shared concern over his wellbeing, emotionally and psychologically, and struggled to keep an eye on him.   Lois doesn't want to coddle him and push him away, but she cares a lot about him by now, and knows that for all he's been through, he's still a kid, and he needs people in his life to be good influences. 

DAMIAN WAYNE / ROBIN | [ profile] heirdom
Organized a charity effort to help the residents in town and Lois volunteered to help.  They talked about some of the past scarring experiences at the castle, and Lois gets the idea that some really bad things happened where some of her friends died.  She's from a world where magic is the norm.   They grew into coffee buddies, and from there into really good friends, who talk about everything from their lives here to their worlds and friends back home.  Lois really feels like Jilly is a strong shoulder to lean on, and they've both sort of mutually shouldered responsibility for watching Damian now that Bruce is gone.

JILLY COPPERCORN | [ profile] tehoniongirl
Underneath the spooky voice and the harsh demeanor, both of which Lois can deal with, Sylvanas has proven herself to be useful, informative, and proactive, and so Lois doesn't have any beef with her.  She knows that she's from Azeroth, the same world as Arthas, so she accepts that Sylvanas' world is a harsher reality than the one she's used to.

LADY SYLVANAS WINDRUNNER | [ profile] oftheforsaken
Stephanie's been really friendly and helpful, so Lois likes her already.  They coordinated Halloween costumes together, and Stephanie came along on the failed Dead Zone expedition that Lois and Claire put together.  Lois enjoys that Stephanie's generally a pretty positive person, and knows she's a member of the Batfam.  At this point, Lois definitely considers her a friend.  She even saved her from corset-death when Damian decided to prank her. 

STEPHANIE BROWN | [ profile] batfail
A telepath who tried to read the minds of the townspeople, like Lois had been wondering about. When he found no evidence of their having any history, the two discussed the implications of this, and she allowed him to test out whether the memory the castle had wiped from her brain was similar to the missing memories in the townspeoples' heads.  They've made a plan to test whether he's capable of 'healing' one of the townspeople, but are trying to find a willing participant.  Lois likes Peter quite a bit, and thinks he's definitely a good guy. 

PETER PETRELLI | [ profile] spongetastic
Has the ability to sense trapped souls.   Allen's been here for awhile and brought Lois a bunch of information for her report, as well as coming up with the notion of a calendar to keep track of Paradisan time, so he's someone she sees as both useful and knowledgeable.  He's been really friendly to her, and she admires that he went after Arthas himself when he sensed the souls trapped in Frostmourne.

ALLEN WALKER | [ profile] save_the_souls
Lois likes the laid-back bounty hunter that she first met while sneaking some drinks off the free bar at Lilith and Abel's wedding. She definitely appreciates his muted, jaded sense of humor, and over time they've come to have a sort of casual friendship beginning to grow. 

SPIKE SPEIGEL | [ profile] gottaknockhard
A gruff but good guy, she likes his straightforwardness, and neither of them appreciate the secrecy with which most information gets treated around the castle. He's from a world with superheroes and magic, and has joined up with the Peace Patrol here, of which Lois is also a member.

BROCK SAMSON | [ profile] icarustattoo
The Ghostbuster. Sam's been at the castle for two years, and Lois is a little bit disapproving of the way he seems happy to just accept that, rather than look for a way out, but she's not about to push.   She knows he likes to spend a lot of time at the library, and at the shooting range, and that he has a bunch of dogs. 

SAM WINCHESTER | [ profile] imnot_likeyou
The owner of Caritas, Lois met Lorne at Lilith & Abel's wedding reception. She's a little freaked out by the whole green skin/horns combo, especially because Clark has no idea what he is, but he seems harmless enough, and he won points for giving Clark an umbrella drink.   He promptly lost them, however, when his powers went awry and turned Lois into a film noir detective for a week or so.

Lois talked to her about how it seems like they've been drafted into some kind of war, which led them into a discussion about war in general, and their military histories. Mal's from a world full of magic, and seems to err on the cynical side.

CORPORAL MALADICT | [ profile] mal_addict
Brilliant inventor type behind the Peace Patrol, who wants to keep the castle safe for everybody, which she can appreciate. However, Lois suspects Tony covered up the information about his suits being stolen and modified for usage by the First Generation, and she's not about to let him get away with keeping that on the downlow, especially not when he might be the only one who can help them figure out how to fight the things.  Apparently, he's a superhero back home, though he doesn't keep his identity a secret there either. 

TONY STARK / THE IRONMAN | [ profile] fired_once
Capable enough to have gone on some of the exploratory missions and might have healing powers, from things she's said.  It sounds like Ino's been here a long time, but Lois likes her for being in the middle of the action, and open to volunteering information. 

YAMANAKA INO | [ profile] yamanaka
Another information-hound, Wesley's helping put information together about the World Beyond, and he also helped research Frostmourne during the Arthas debacle.  Used to be in charge of the library.

WESLEY WYNDAM-PRYCE | [ profile] demonologist
Led the expedition where the team was attacked by a giant pig-beast, as well as participating in the expedition where the Dead Zone was extended, and the first foray into the Dead Zone.   Sounds like a friend of Clark's, which wins him some points.   He advises caution in exploring past the barrier, but doesn't think that should stop them from checking it out, a sentiment Lois shares.

Something seems... off about Yuki, as she has an almost robotic monotone way of reciting facts, but her attention to detail was really useful in compiling info about the World Beyond. Yuki tends to believe that magic is more at work here, than science, however.  Lois often talks with Yuki about events around the castle, given that the girl pays incredibly close attention to going ons.  When Yuki created a survey about people in order to figure out Christmas gifts for them, Lois asked her about her own goals, and was astonished to hear Yuki claim to not have any.   

YUKI NAGATO | [ profile] bogusmagic
"That" Arthur Pendragon.  Was part of the team that first stumbled across the wtfalo's secret, with Allen.  Lois spoke with him in depth about them, and theories about how they might be spies, keeping an eye on the castle residents.

ARTHUR PENDRAGON | [ profile] excalibured
Ran into "Damsel" along with Stephanie, while apparently lost in the swamp. Damian accused them both of reckless stupidity, but they seem to have brought back some useful information, so Lois sees it as a win.  She lives at one of the outposts, and Lois has spoken with her in regards to the abductions and appearance of Zexion at Mineas Well. 

ASANO RIN | [ profile] payback
Friends with Reno Browne, and protecting some kind of information about her. He was willing to answer a few questions, but shut down on the topic of Reno.

FREELANCER YORK | [ profile] encryptedlock
A stuck-up, full-of-himself bloodthirsty vampire. That's just... great.

SPIKE | [ profile] breakmychest
President of the Awesomeness Committee. Planning Drag Races in the Dead Zone with Lois, so that means she thinks he's a happenin' dude.

BARNEY STINSON | [ profile] bro_codebreaker
Freaky cyborg Superman from another dimension. Told her that he constructed the persona for himself out of Kryptonian and alien technologies. Kinnnnda creepy.

HANK HENSHAW | [ profile] cheerupemoborg
An archangel who died, which is weird in and of itself, and doesn't have his powers here. Lois assumes he's part of that family of Castiel's that Crowley was talking about.  They made out during the Christmas curse and then... snarkbitched each other out and she socked him in the nose.  In retaliation, he sabotaged Yuki's Christmas gift to her. 

GABRIEL | [ profile] painhumbles
Lucy was the first person Lois ran into when she woke up mysteriously in the Dead Zone.  Unable to speak, the two had to communicate via the journal, or gestures, but they still managed to run into Jo Harvelle, and make contact with the castle.  The two have kept in touch since.

LUCY SAXON | [ profile] queendramabitch
Rory helped out when residents disappeared, including offering to look for Lois and Lana, and later helping Lois with her sprained shoulder.  She likes to call him 'doc' even if he's just a nurse, mostly because it makes him flustered. 

RORY WILLIAMS | [ profile] nurse_boy
When Lois found herself dumped in the Dead Zone inexplicably with Lucy Saxon, they shortly met up with Jo Harvelle, who had been hunting out other survivors.  Lois really respects Jo, who was willing to risk her own safety to find others who couldn't protect themselves.  The girl's tough and brave and Lois was glad to have her on her side.  When Jo asked for another few hours to search for her friend after Clark came to fetch them, Lois helped Jo barter with Clark to allow her until sundown, for which Jo was grateful.  

JO HARVELLE | [ profile] huntersdaughter
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THE DOCTOR / FIVE | [ profile] cricketycricket
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THOMAS "HUSH" ELLIOT / "BRUCE WAYNE" | [ profile] foolishrisk
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